Veterans Survey


The Village of Berkeley is in the process of assembling a registry of Berkeley residents that have served or who are presently serving our country and we need your help. If you are a Veteran or if a member of your household is currently in the Military, please take a moment to fill out the survey form and follow the instructions for submitting it within the form.
The collection of this information will help to preserve the Military History of the Village of Berkeley and will be used only as a means of contacting our Veteran’s directly when events and opportunities are available in their honor. In the past, we have made efforts to honor our Veterans during the Memorial Day Parade and we would like to make sure that we do not fail in showing our respect to all who have served. On occasion, information regarding Veteran services is provided to the Village and, utilizing a list, we can make sure it gets delivered to the right place in the quickest possible way.
It is from a place of respect that the Village of Berkeley asks that you take a moment to complete the Veterans Information Request Form and we encourage you to contact Joseph Wagner, Executive Assistant, at 708-234-2616 if you have any questions.
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