Smoke Detector Program

The Berkeley Fire Department offers a Smoke Detector Program. The program, which is registered with the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal, allows the Village to provide smoke detectors to the residents of Berkeley for free.
The program is offered to residents that meet the one of two requirements:
  1. There are no smoke detectors in the residence; or
  2. The operating smoke detectors in the residence is over 10 years old.
If one of the two requirements is true, contact the Fire Department at 708-234-2642. Please leave a message detailing all relevant contact information such as name, address, contact number and best time to be reached. At which time, an appointment will be made for a Firefighter to come to the residence to provide a new smoke detector. If needed, batteries will be provided for smoke detectors needing replacement.
For residents living in an apartment building, the Fire Department will need to contact the landlord and/or property management firm to discuss participation in the program.