Police Services

In an effort to provide the best service possible to the residents of the Village of Berkeley, the Berkeley Police Department offers a variety of services residents may take advantage of to ensure their safety and care. In addition to regular law enforcement protection, the following services are also provided or are available upon request:

Are You Okay (R.U.O.K.) Service

The Village of Berkeley Police Department is offering any household in need, a daily computerized call to a resident's home.       

Once the resident's name is entered into the Police Department's computer system, simply by answering the phone at the time designated, will assure the Department of the resident's well-being. This call will be made once a day at a time designated by the resident and will be made every day of the week, or the resident can skip any day or days of the week as desired. If the phone call at the designated time is not answered, the computer will redial the number again in twenty minutes and if necessary, a third time in twenty minutes. If the phone has not been answered on any of these three calls, the computer alerts the 9-1-1 dispatcher who will send the police to check on the resident's well-being.     

If the resident needs medical help, a Berkeley Fire Department ambulance will respond. To date, this daily R.U.O.K. call has helped several residents who were in need of assistance. Although this program was designed originally for those people who live alone, the program has been found to be beneficial to any household member including Senior Citizens, people with a history of medical problems, or people whose mobility is impaired.

To register for this service, simply call 708-449-8224 and ask to sign up for the R.U.O.K. system.

Vacation Home Check Service

The Berkeley Police Department will give special attention to the residence while the resident is away on vacation or a long weekend. The Police Department will visit the residence several times to check that all is well at the home so the resident's vacation can be enjoyable and carefree. Residents can come to the Police Department and fill out the required a Security Check form or call the non-emergency number 708-449-8224. 

Child Safety Seat Inspection Service

The Berkeley Police Department is happy to offer child car seat inspections to residents free of charge. Child car seats are used in cars and vans to transport children who are too small to sit securely in the seats of the vehicle. One of the Departments’ certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will inspect the child car seat. The Safety Technician will help make sure parents understand how to properly install their child's car seat in their vehicle; showing the parent how to install it, removing safety seats and observing the parent installing it on their own.

There is a sign displayed prominently at the Police Department entrance informing people that the Department offers this service. Residents can set up an appointment for inspection through the Police Department at 708-449-8224.