Adopt-A-Hydrant Program

The Berkeley Fire Department adopted a community friendly Adopt and paint a Hydrant program using the success of neighboring programs as a model. The immediate benefit of the program is the care of the adopted hydrant during the winter months where the adopting resident must keep the hydrant clear of snow throughout the winter. In this first phase of the program, the fire department is seeking residents to adopt hydrants for the winter.

The secondary benefit of the program is the beautification of the hydrants themselves. Utilizing the guidelines provided, residents that adopt a hydrant will scrape, paint and maintain the aesthetics of their fire hydrant. As part of the program, residents can choose to enter into a contest for a small fee and have their hydrant judged against other participants. Three winners will be selected each year and all participants will have their photos featured on the Berkeley website.

Interested residents can contact the fire department using the non-emergency number at 708-449-9444 to reserve their hydrant. Program details and a waiver can be found at the bottom of this page.


Program Fees

  • Residents of the Village of Berkeley can adopt a hydrant free of charge.

  • Participation in the painting contest requires a $20.00 entry fee.

    Adoption Rules

  • Hydrants will be readopted every two years. You must reapply to keep your hydrant for another two year term.

  • You must keep your hydrant in good condition, touching up the paint if needed.

  • The hydrant must be kept free of snow throughout the winter season.

  • No planting or anything that would interfere with the Fire Department’s use within 2 feet of the fire hydrant.

  • No painting of any cap threads.

  • If rules are not followed, your hydrant will be painted over and you will lose your adoption rights.

  • A waiver must be signed to adopt a hydrant.

Painting Rules

  • If a hydrant barrel is colored primarily white, a contrasting color must be used on the hydrant bonnet (top).

  • No black, dark camouflage green or white snow patterns that would hide the hydrant from plain view.

  • Bright colored paint such as pink for Breast Cancer Awareness is allowed.

  • The use of bright colors is encouraged but not exclusive.

  • No black paint is to be used on the hydrant bonnet.

  • Black paint used on discharge ports is limited to the tip or operating nuts only.

  • No gluing or attaching items to hydrants.

  • All words are to be in English only.

  • The Village will not refund contest entry fees in cases of not adhering to the rules of the program.

Contest Details

  • Participation in the painting contest is not required, but it is encouraged.

  • Contestants will be given the month of May to complete their painting.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners as determined by a judging committee.

  • Painted hydrants will be featured on the Village website for display.